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Woodworking coated hot melt adhesive BE818

This product is a vinyl acetate ester copolymer as the main raw material, with a good initial adhesion, high bonding strength, good liquidity, long opening time, good thermal stability.
Appearance: pale yellow particles
Viscosity: 10000 + 2000CPS (180 DEG C)

Softening point: 80 + 5 DEG C

Use parameters:
Glue tank temperature: 170 - 190 degrees; rubber roller temperature: 190-210 degrees; substrate moisture content: 8-10%; feed speed: 15-50m/min;

Roller pressure: 3-5Kg/cm2; ambient temperature: less than 15 DEG C; amount of glue: 60-100 g/m 2.

Implementation standards:
HG/T 3698-2002

Coating process of solid wood, density board, coating board and veneer and wood grain paper.